Your first appointment will usually take one hour, a thorough medical history will be recorded as well as information about your signs and symptoms to help obtain a complete picture of you and your complaint. This may include questions about illness, diet and daily habits such as work conditions and hobbies.

If necessary, further medical screening may take place to determine your full state of health such as measuring blood pressure and reflexes. In some cases we may need to ask you to visit your GP before treatment if the route of your complaint is due to something other than muscular skeletal or further information is needed, for example and X-Ray.

To assess your range of motion a standing examination is performed, for this you will be asked to undress to your underwear, or whatever you feel is appropriate – please bring a vest or shorts if this make you feel more comfortable.  Your treatment plan may include stretches and exercises to do at home which speed up and maintain your recovery.

Patients consulting an osteopath are entitled to a high standard of care. As a patient, you should expect your osteopath to:

  • Make your care their priority
  • Treat you with dignity and respect
  • Involve you in decisions about your care
  • Respond promptly to your concerns
  • Respect and protect your private information

Have a look at the leaflet (pdf) on the General Osteopathic Council website for more information.


On average a recent, uncomplicated injury should take 1-3 weekly treatments. For on going conditions such as Osteoarthritis, reduction in symptoms should be seen from 2-4 weekly treatments and then managed with regular maintenance.

The progress of each patient is assessed at the end of the treatment and the need for subsequent appointments discussed. Multiple Packs are available offering savings on the overall price of treatments.