Equine osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment of muscular skeletal tensions of the whole body where the focus is on finding and alleviating the cause of dysfunction, not just the symptoms.

Equine osteopaths apply the same principals as treating people, using their hands to feel for tightness and restrictions within the muscles, ligaments and joints of the body and using physical techniques to gently encourage them to function better. This minimises the effort required to perform normal movements and thus maximising potential.

What to expect

The first appointment usually takes one hour, I will take a general case history of the horses general health, work demands and presenting problem before assessing the horses movements during a walk and trot up. In some cases the horse may need to be observed whilst being ridden or lunged. I will then conduct a physical examination of the joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons. I will then explain my findings to you and if appropriate commence with treatment specifically tailored to your horses which will consist of;

  • Joint articulation
  • Soft tissue massage and stretching
  • Joint manipulation

I do not treat under sedation.

After the treatment, advice may be given regarding stretching, rest and exercises. The need for follow up appointments will be discussed with the owner, this may depend on findings from the initial consultation, response to treatment and demands on the horse. For the next few days I may recommend the horse be turned out if possible and worked long and low without circles.

Permission from vet

It is a legal requirement that you seek permission from your vet for your horse to receive any treatment from anyone other than a veterinary practitioner.