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Gift Vouchers

Christmas Gift Vouchers

Struggling to find the perfect gift for that someone special? Look no further! This year buy them something they can enjoy when the buzz of christmas is over and the cold dark nights start to drag on. Choose a voucher to suit body and budget;

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage uses soothing oils and heated basalt stones to relax tight muscles, improve circulation, ease tensions within the body.

  1. 30 minute neck, shoulder and back                      £30
  2. 60 minute neck, shoulder and back                      £45
  3. 60 minute full body                                                  £45
  4. 90 minute full body                                                  £60


Do you know someone who puts up aches and pains because they – are too busy, thinks they will go away on their own or don’t have the money just now to sort it out? Osteopathy is not just about backs, Jenny can offer help and treatment to a wide range of complaints from joint pains to sports injuries.

  1. Initial consultation 60 minutes                           £40
  2. Follow appointment 45 minutes                         £38
  3. Pack of 3 treatments                                              £100

Equine Osteopathy

Does your loved one have a horse they put before everything else in life – you, money, lie-ins and all importantly themselves? This is the one for them. Treat their beloved companion to an examination and treatment.

  1. Initial consultation 60 minutes                         £60
  2. Pack of three treatments                                     £165