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Gift Vouchers

Christmas Gift Vouchers

Struggling to find the perfect gift for that someone special? Look no further! This year buy them something they can enjoy when the buzz of christmas is over and the cold dark nights start to drag on. Choose a voucher to suit body and budget;

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage uses soothing oils and heated basalt stones to relax tight muscles, improve circulation, ease tensions within the body.

  1. 30 minute neck, shoulder and back                      £30
  2. 60 minute neck, shoulder and back                      £45
  3. 60 minute full body                                                  £45
  4. 90 minute full body                                                  £60


Do you know someone who puts up aches and pains because they – are too busy, thinks they will go away on their own or don’t have the money just now to sort it out? Osteopathy is not just about backs, Jenny can offer help and treatment to a wide range of complaints from joint pains to sports injuries.

  1. Initial consultation 60 minutes                           £40
  2. Follow appointment 45 minutes                         £38
  3. Pack of 3 treatments                                              £100

Equine Osteopathy

Does your loved one have a horse they put before everything else in life – you, money, lie-ins and all importantly themselves? This is the one for them. Treat their beloved companion to an examination and treatment.

  1. Initial consultation 60 minutes                         £60
  2. Pack of three treatments                                     £165

7 Tips To ‘back ache-free” Leaf Raking


The countryside is looking beautiful with the ever changing colours, my house smells of delicious wood for the log burner, it is socially acceptable to drink alcohol hot, I get to don my large collection of scarves and headbands and the annual walking holiday in the Lake District is just around the corner. YES I love autumn!

However amidst all this loveliness come the leaves which fall off the trees faster than we can rake them up!

If your weekend plans are going to involve a few hours in the garden with a rake in hand, here are a few tips to help to avoid any aches and pains that may follow:

  1. THINK POSTURE Don’t slump or hunch over your rake, consciously stand up straight after ever few rakes
  2. SWITCH IT UP Like most gardening injuries, it is the repetitive nature of raking that can lead increased strain on one side of body (shoulders and arms and back muscles). So switch hands and positions.
  3. AVOID LIFTING Especially if the leaves are damp. Use a tarp to rake your pile onto and drag them to the compost bin/heap.
  4. USE THE WIND Rake down wind, if your leaves are light they will only need a nudge in right direction
  5. TEA BREAKS Take your time, it is after all the weekend and regular breaks with a cup of tea or glass of water will prevent injury during the bursts of high intensity activity
  6. USE PLASTIC The small difference in weight between a metal and plastic rake will make a big difference to the amount of effort needed to shift those leaves
  7. WEAR GLOVES No one likes blisters
  8. STRETCH Leave raking is a form of physical exercise so stretch like you would before and after a run or game of golf.

If you are already suffering with aches and pains you can always hire someone to come and tidy your garden for you – I can highly recommend Jamie Parton of Jamie’s Gardens

CACAO Good for your health, mood-boosting and DELICIOUS


Do you, like me, have a penchant for something sweet in the evenings, or after lunch, or even somedays for breakfast? Is this sweet tooth accompanied by worry that you are filling yourself with processed food and sugar? Mine Too! Well worry no more as RAW CACAO may offer a much healthier solution.


Raw Cacao is unprocessed chocolate and in fact a SUPERFOOD! Cacao beans are rich in a number of essential minerals, including magnesium, sulphur, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, potassium and manganese.

Health benefits:

Tipper Lewis, head herbalist at Neal’s Yard Remedies explains how these minerals are good for us;

1) Cacao seems to be the number one source of magnesium of any food. Magnesium balances brain chemistry, builds strong bones, and helps regulate heartbeat and blood pressure

2) Cacao also has more antioxidant flavonoids than any food tested so far, including blueberries, red wine, and black and green teas, in fact it has up to four times the quantity of antioxidants found in green tea.”

3) Sulfur builds strong nails and hair, promotes beautiful skin, and detoxifies the liver,”

4) Cacao raises the level of serotonin in the brain; thus acting as an anti-depressant, helping to reduce PMS symptoms, and promoting a sense of well-being,”

5) It also stimulates the secretion of endorphins, producing a pleasurable sensation similar to the “runner’s high” a jogger feels after running several miles.”

Cacao vs Cocoa?

Cacao is made my cold pressing raw cacao beans, preserving all the natural goodness. Cocoa is highly processed, roasted to high temperatures, with lots of sugar added to it.

How to eat it:

Raw cacao comes in several forms; whole beans, nibs and powder. While it tastes slightly less sweet than cocoa, using it as a natural sweetener in cooking is perfect. Try adding it to smoothies, cakes, raw food bars or desserts for a chocolatey taste sensation!

So there it is; not only good for your health, but mood-boosting and above all, delicious!


Jenny Completes 100km walk in 27 hours!

WE DID IT!! (And on one of the hottest days of the summer!) 27 hours constant plodding, countless blisters, chaffing and sore muscles could not stop us and enormous thanks go to our support team Adrian, Bruce and Lucy who met us with smiles, words of encouragement,  food and drink. We also smashed out target and raised over £1500 for Oxfam.

NHS Staff 20 % Discount

Chanctonbury Osteopathy now offer a 20% discount to all members of the NHS.

National Health Discounts

Jenny’s 100km Trailwalker challenge!

On the 26th July Jenny will be walking 100km of the South Downs Way NON STOP and raising money for Oxfam. Along with 3 friends Jenny must complete the 100km in under 30 hours walking through the night, enduring blisters and probably worst of all self diagnosing all her niggles and aches along the way! If you would like to make a donation please visit the teams JustGiving page: Lions and Tigers and Bears!