LASS’ Story

I first met the lovely Lass and her owner Ali in August for back pain due to a stiff right hind and shortened stride. I will come back to that in a bit as I feel her story needs telling.

In September 2014, Lass was force fed organophosphate AKA Sheep dip. The lining of her Pharynx, Stomach and Bowel were stripped entirely causing her to lose weight rapidly, nearly 300KG in one month. Lass was referred to Harpbury and Newmarket Equine hospitals to get better and after a slow recovery returned to work in June this year.

Miraculously, thanks to the superb veterinary teams involved, some snazzy feed that is easy for the  gut to absorb and Ali’s love and patience, lovely Lass is doing brilliantly.

Now, back to her stiffness and shortened stride. Quite a simple one really, her left hip was restricted causing pain and discomfort and a decrease in range of movement. This meant the stride was shorter on that side and causing a side bend through her spine and tension into her poll. Within two treatments aimed at realigning her spine, improving the right hip function and decompressing the poll, she was hugely improved, walking out with a spring in her step and getting stuck into some dressage and show jumping clinics!

The Lovely Lass