I met the lovely horse Baby and her owner Christie in the spring just over a year after she was hit by a car going 40 miles per hour. The cracking vets at Arundel Equine Hospital did not right her off as many would and gave her every chance to make a recovery – but no-one was prepared for how full a recovery that would be!

What a come back! Baby after equine osteopathy treatment for her bad back
What a come back! Baby after equine osteopathy treatment for her bad back

Baby was hit on the left hind fracturing her pelvis – pain killers and cross tying gave her the time she needed to heal. Shortly after the go ahead from the vets to introduce her to work slowly Christies farrier, Jamie Henney, noticed an abnormal presentation in her hooves. The right fore foot was flaring outwards and the left hind inwards. This is where I come in.

Babys pelvis was still rotated causing a twist through her spine and therefore uneven weight bearing through her legs into her feet. Luckily this rotation was not fixed but instead maintained that way by the large muscles in the hip and back. By gently encouraging movement through the pelvis, hips and spine and working to loosen the muscles involved we were able to straighten Baby up and moving well. I left Christie with some exercises to help maintain Babys now straight back and strengthen her core muscles.

I returned 3 months later to find a happy horse and owner – Christie has started to introduce a bit of small show jumping into Babys training and on the latest visit from Jamie, a big improvement in the hind limb flare. With some maintenance treatment and softly softly approach to Babys training there is no reason why she will not continue to flourish.

How about that for a come back!


Baby’s Story