Jenny Quinn is an equine osteopath in South East England, covering West and East Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey.

Jenny has a post graduate diploma in animal osteopathy, specialising in equine osteopathy, and having ridden competitively from a young age she is passionate about treating horses and understands the athletic demands of horse and rider and how osteopathic treatment can maximise performance.

Animal osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment of muscular skeletal tensions of the whole body where the focus is on finding and alleviating the cause of dysfunction, not just the symptoms.

Animal osteopaths apply the same principals as treating people;

  • using their hands to feel for tightness and restrictions within the muscles, ligaments and joints
  • using physical techniques to gently encourage them to function better.

This minimises the effort required to perform normal movements and thus maximising potential.

Jenny is a member of;

British Osteopathic Association
General Osteopathic Council